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September 20, 2016

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With social networking and online dating websites becoming more popular by the minute, it’s become almost necessary to develop your own sense of internet flirtation when it concerns dealing with modern technology. Here are a few tips to help keep you connected and freshen up on your online communication skills.

Using Apps – MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are all fabulous websites for meeting new and exciting people online. You can become lost for hours by viewing people’s public profiles, picture galleries and reading up on their ’about me’ sections. By leaving comments on their profile page, virtual gifts, or even a simple poke you are letting your new love interest know that you are curious and want to learn more about them. All of these websites also allow you to use an application that enables you to download your favourite social media website right onto your personal cell phone.

Online Profile – You need to make your online profile work ’for you’ instead of ’against you’. Corporate recruiters, school admissions, even first dates are developing a growing trend of googling you after they have met you. Be sincere about the things you choose to express on your online profile. Think outside the box and ask more intriguing questions to your interested party. Keep things short and sweet, you don’t want to reveal everything in your first correspondence. Be soft and gentle when you are trying to flatter someone online. Keep an air of mystery about yourself in order for online flirting to be effective. It will keep your possible suitors wanting to come back for more.

Text Messaging – Flirting via text message can be a fun and playful way to communicate interest with your new friend. You can convey emotions with emoticons, facial expressions, using ALL CAPS or sending a short yet sweet xoxo. If it’s your first message, try sending something short and funny to get the conversation started. This will allow for your sense of humour to shine and challenge the person on the other end to think of a witty response. If the conversation reaches a dull point, just say “got to go, chat later ” and add a smiley face or heart.

Webcam’s – Webcams allow you to flirt visually whilst making flirting feel more real since you can psychically see each other on your computer screen. Dress to impress for an online date and use your facial expressions to guide the flirtation as though you were sitting together in a restaurant. Create a more intimate environment by softening the lights in your home or have soft music playing in the background. Before the date starts have a test run in front of your webcam to make sure the lighting is ok and favourable for your look, it is best if possible to have your face looking into the light so you don’t have too many harsh shadows on your face. You can control how much of yourself or your home can be seen, so remember to lean in to offer a close–up look or lean back when laughing to show off your upper body.

Virtual Gifts – E–mailing a virtual gift is a sweet gesture to let the other person know that they are in your thoughts. Virtual gifts offer a variety of choices that cover holidays, birthdays, graduations, personal thoughts and even feelings. These gifts are available for free on most websites while others require a small payment. These gestures can be powerful since the virtual gifts can be visible to a person’s entire social network. Virtual flowers, chocolates and hearts are the most popular gifts to send or perhaps you can dare to be different by choosing something personal and unique. If your sweetheart plays baseball you can send him a bat or a catcher’s glove, and of course the flowers and chocolates are always a big winner for the gals.

Modern technology has opened the doors to take flirting to an exciting new level. An important aspect of flirting is the intention. You can use the most innocent words in the vocabulary; however the way you choose to express those words can be highly seductive. Flirting online is a safe way to get to know someone better and it can help sharpen up your flirting skills to use in real life. A little sweetness mixed with your fabulous sense of humour can help make your intentions clear in the world of online flirting.

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