12 Good & Bad Qualities of a Scorpio


November 20, 2016

Scorpio Good & Bad Traits - SingleHindus.com

The following traits of a Scorpio are designed for a bit of fun. Are you or do you know a Scorpio who has these traits?

1. Scorpios are often introverts, that can socialise like extroverts

2. In the blink of an eye, a Scorpio can go from being the most adorable, to being the scariest person you’ve ever met

3. Mysterious, complicated but magnetic. A Scorpio is the perfect storm of sunshine mixed with a little bit hurricane

4. A Scorpio is extremely loyal…until you aren’t. Betrayal hits them harder than any other sign, so don’t expect forgiveness and be prepared for revenge

5. A Scorpio will go out of their way to make you happy, because your happiness is their happiness

6. It’s hard to fool a Scorpio. They are very observant and cautious. But if you earn their trust you will have a friend and powerful ally for live

7. A Scorpio can say things that are extremely mean, shocking and horrible but also accurate

8. Scorpios are known to love harder than any other sign. They don’t fall in love often, but when they do, you won’t know what hit you…and neither will they

9. A constant struggle for Scorpios is the continuous battle between the heart and the mind. The heart wants to let people in, but the mind is always asking ‘are you sure?’

10. You never fully know what a Scorpio is thinking of feeling. Even if you ask directly, they will only give you what they think you can handle

11. Scorpios have very high standards. They strive to be the best at what they do. For them, life is all or nothing

12. When the Scorpio gets angry…even the devil runs for cover

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